About us


We are family, we are Jamii Farms

Theresa Schmalfuss

Born in Germany, future doctor, foodie, creative mind and slightly clumsy. Organising my closet strangely satisfies me, coffee is my addiction, mushrooms are my enemy and eggs are my best friend. My nickname is silly snail and my first stuffed animal was a turtle - note the "slow" pattern here? 🙂

Jens Schmalfuss

Born in Germany and married to Theresa Schmalfuss, personal trainer and sportaholic. Fantasy movies capture me, my mind thinks philosophically and my heart beats for chocolate and sweets. Health is my job, family is my passion and nature is my temple.

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Philipp Rathjen

Born in Germany and brother of Theresa Schmalfuss. Tech and data science guru and deeply in love with gizmos and gadgets. I am addicted to spicy dishes and often carry hot sauce around - since way before it was cool. A passionate foodie and world traveller, with a huge appetite for the new and extraordinary.